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Hôtel restaurant Lille- séminaires groupes
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    Think of the hotel complex and convention The Originals ASCOTEL for private events (wedding, baptism, family reunion), for business events (meetings, conferences, product presentation ....) or to your association events (Christmas show, works council, gala dance, end of year show, concert...)

    mariage villeneuve d'ascq

    The answer to all your needs for the conception, organization and reception all your events.


    The LABO Restaurant, with its 350 seats, invites you to enjoy its various menus in a friendly atmosphere where you will be conquered by the refined cuisine of the chef. It will offer you delicious specialties.

    Our favorites? The wedding of Isabel and Philip, winner of the French TF1 tv program "4 mariages pour 1 lune de miel" or Samuel Bar Mitzvah in with 200 guests and many more…

    Visit Salon de banquet Villeneuve d'Ascq our dinning room

    Our commercial at your disposal at +33(0) or

    arbre noel

    Associations :

    General Assembly, New Year meal, mentoring meeting, Christmas show, sporting events, inter-associative grouping charity project, cultural event or humanitarian groups...

    Project until creation, we take care of the design, decoration, work up your event.


    Private :

    Weddings, baptisms, communions, family reunion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthday, private party, reception, bachelor party, ….

    Project until creation, we take care of the design, decoration, work up your event.


    Business :

    Seminar, meeting, presentation products, general assembly, lunch party, convention, teambuilding, breakfast, road shows, incentive, management committee, seminar and conference, dinner or business lunch, ...

    Our all-in consists of a 3 * hotel with 83 rooms, a 350-seat indoor restaurant and a conference center with 6 meeting rooms, a conference room / show 385 seats and a lobby exhibition in the heart of the scientific city of Villeneuve d'Ascq and 15 minutes from Lille city center.

    The Originals City, Hôtel Ascotel, Lille Est Grand Stade
    7 Avenue Paul Langevin - Cité Scientifique
    Téléphone: +33(0) 3 20 67 34 34
    Télécopie: +33(0) 3 20 91 39 28

    Complexe Ascotel Grand Stade Lille - Villeneuve d'Ascq - Restaurant - Hôtel - Lille Métropole Auditorium Culture Congrés Séminaires. Ascotel est Organisateur de réunions, de séminaires à villeneuve d'ascq. Profitez de nos salles pour vos congrès, séminaires et mariages à Villeneuve d'ascq. Ascotel est à deux pas du stade lille métropole et de la cité scientifique. Séminaire nord, séminaire Lile

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