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salle pour spectacle lille congrés convention séminaire lille nord
salle pour événements lille
Séminaire  résidentiel lille nord
salle séminaire lille
salle dans le nord

Choose the meeting room thats suits you...

 Visit Location salle nord our meetting rooms

We invite you to discover our various meeting rooms. (See details below)

Making your seminar "Make your choice":

The menus are choose before your meeting, Ask our offer !


Personalize your collations:

- A "Basic" break: At the participants arrival, including a hot drink (coffee or tea) for all your guests.
- A "Acceuil" break: Including: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water and Spéculos biscuits.
- A “Classic" break: Including: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water, mini pastries or sweets depending time your break.
- A "Fermière" break: Including: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water, mini pastries, different charcuterie and bread.
- A "Gourmande" break: Including: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water, pastries, sugar pie and cake.
- A "Regional" break: Including: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water, Liège waffles, sugar pie, lemonade and beer.

  New! Be tempted by a colorful and tasty break: the “candy Bar”!

Our different meeting rooms:
 salles clients

Notre service commercial est à votre écoute au ou  à

Someone can help you here 24h/24.
In couple, single, family or between friends, The Originals City fits all your projects.
Unlimited surfing in all our rooms.
Buffet lunch to treat you and well start the day.
The Originals City Complexe Ascotel Lille Métropole
7 Avenue Paul Langevin - Cité Scientifique
Téléphone: +33(0) 3 20 67 34 34
Télécopie: +33(0) 3 20 91 39 28
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Complexe Ascotel Grand Stade Lille - Villeneuve d'Ascq - Restaurant - Hôtel - Lille Métropole Auditorium Culture Congrés Séminaires. Ascotel est Organisateur de réunions, de séminaires à villeneuve d'ascq. Profitez de nos salles pour vos congrès, séminaires et mariages à Villeneuve d'ascq. Ascotel est à deux pas du stade lille métropole et de la cité scientifique. Séminaire nord, séminaire Lile

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