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Hôtel restaurant Lille- séminaires groupes
salle de spectacle lille
salle pour événements nord
stadium villeneuve d'ascq
Restaurant Le Labo Villeneuve D'ascq - Restaurant grand stade de Lille   Put yourself in appetite by choosing from the many dishes on the carte, and if you want something different, you know that the Labo restaurant regularly changes its menus to to make you satisfy.

A traditional, regional and inventive cuisine.




Openning hours

Monday till Thursday lunch from 12am to 2pm, dinner from 7pm to 10pm, and friday lunch from 12am to 2pm. Closed on Friday evening, Saturday and sunday, except booking group 48h in advance (min. 15 persons)


Our bar

Finally, relax with a drink, alone or in a group, discover our cozy and elegant bar.


Our commercial is at your disposal for any requests for groups, ceremonies or events at +33(0)

*prices subject to change without notice. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation. Non-contractual photo.
The Originals City, Hôtel Ascotel, Lille Est Grand Stade
7 Avenue Paul Langevin - Cité Scientifique
Téléphone: +33(0) 3 20 67 34 34
Télécopie: +33(0) 3 20 91 39 28

Complexe Ascotel Grand Stade Lille - Villeneuve d'Ascq - Restaurant - Hôtel - Lille Métropole Auditorium Culture Congrés Séminaires. Ascotel est Organisateur de réunions, de séminaires à villeneuve d'ascq. Profitez de nos salles pour vos congrès, séminaires et mariages à Villeneuve d'ascq. Ascotel est à deux pas du stade lille métropole et de la cité scientifique. Séminaire nord, séminaire Lile

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